Monday, May 4, 2015

Swimsuit Competition?

I was on the Eve Forums last night and stumbled across this >> Swimsuit Competition.
Dammit, of course I would find it after the competition was closed. 

What most people don't realize as a member of CODE James 315 treated us all to a beach vacation several months ago. Of course I have pics I wanted to enter. 

What the hell, I'll share some of the photos.

Here's James 315 striking his super model pose...

Here's Loyal and a few of his Bro's..

And here's James 315 and Loyal together.

I think I'll submit the photos anyway, maybe I can win a late entry prize.


Sunday, May 3, 2015

Guess who's back

I left the game in January and I've NOW come back and I've been watching CODE and Anti-Ganking all week and I am not pleased. I'm making plans. Watch this space......

Monday, January 19, 2015


I was surprised to see that CODE Agent AC announced on the Forums that he had heard that Anti-Ganking was staging a Dock-In to Protest CODE.  As I’m no longer welcome in the AG channels I’m not really surprised I wasn't invited and I’m rather glad I wasn't. I’m sure the event  had no voice comms and was a full of anger and tears and accomplished nothing.

I did do some digging and I managed to find a couple of pictures of the  AG Event.
I’m not surprised the Event had Code Spai’s. I’m sure the guy with the sign was booted rather quickly for only trying to have a bit of FUN.

That really angry guy HAS to be Veers Belvar.

I’m also told some CODE supporters also formed a protest of their own outside of CCP headquarters in Iceland.
Fly Dangerous!

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Checking In

I said in my last post I had planned for it to be my LAST post, But as Scott Bacon took it upon himself to steal the Gankerbumping name I’m not very happy as it IS NOT what I'd call a “worthy” successor. You can find Scott's Blog HERE<<Click Me.

Okay ..I’m’s the real link for Scotts Blog.;) CLICK ME

My advice to Scott? Lighten UP. Add some humor. Get creative. Call yourself the Baconator or something. The AG folks are too uptight as it is. I believe most Anti-Gankers go through a LOT of seat cushions as their butts chew up a seat cushion every 15 mins when CODE drops to gank a freighter. Some of AG is a too serious bunch and their proctologists must all get bite marks on their gloved fingers.

Have some fun with the game . I know I have been. Isn’t that what playing a GAME is About? FUN?

I was thrilled as hell last night when Jennifer En Marland and Thomas En Chasteaux showed up at one of our bookmarks and tried to mess us up. That was EPIC guys and my hats off to you. That’s how you play EVE in my honest opinion.

I know some of you are calling me a traitor and yep I've been trolling local hard. But I want everyone to note I keep the Trolling INGAME where it belongs. I still believe how you play a game has nothing to do with who you really are in RL.

With that said, Id like to present some video of an Actual Bot-Aspirant getting ganked by CODE. Please note the Asteroid is OFF CAMERA as the Bot-Aspirant happily burns towards it.. CLICK HERE



Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Ganking into the Sunset

Hi Folks.
I'll attempt to clear up a couple of questions and I plan for this to be my final blog post. It’s kind of hard to bump MYSELF.

Yes, I joined CODE. And the reasons are on the forums in a now locked post. I was pretty impressed that CCP Falcon locked it. Here’s the Link..CLICK ME!
A couple of people have asked about the Ganking Goggles on my avatar now. You should know I've had those goggles on since CCP first handed them out and they have always been under the hood. I’ll let the tin foil hatters take that and run with it.

As this is my last blog post I do want to urge everyone who reads this to remember we’re playing a GAME. Don’t take it so serious and have fun with it. I am.

And finally I was shocked to learn Veers Belvar is apparently running for CSMX. I saw this t- shirt in Local the other night while flying with a gank fleet. 
I called up my old contacts and asked them one final time to try and interview Veers about what platform he was running on. Veers was surprisingly gracious and provided me with a youtube video of what he plans to do as CSMX if he’s elected, You can find Veers statements by CLICKING ME! (out of game of course)

Fly Dangerous Highsec!
And don’t forget your permits!


Monday, November 24, 2014

here we go again....

First let me apologize for taking so long to post. I’ve honestly been tied up with RL issues and not been able to play or write like I used to.

 Lets get started and I’ll make this as short as I can. As you may or may not know Marmites decced CODE. Seems Tora Bushido took issue with Loyal and a shitstorm has ensued. I’ll be curious to sit back and watch this one. You can find the link HERE to the EVE forums post Tora made.

Sadly, Veers Belvar started his usual braying at everyone on the post as Veers is known to be a jackass and I took issue with some of what Veers posted and he and I have locked horns.

Do any of you remember the Ganking is Bullying Crew? If you don’t remember them they firmly believed that if you participated in Ganking, then you MUST be a BULLY in real life. I took issue with that as well since I’ve done all sorts of stuff in eve and ganking is just a small part of it. I have always believed that how you play a game has NOTHING to do with who you are in RL. I decced the Ganking is Bullying people and when they asked why I told them “I felt bullied by them”. Sadly they didn’t get the joke.

Veers would fit right in with the Ganking is Bullying idiots. I’ve watched for months as Veers has called everyone in CODE horrible human beings. Sociopaths, psychopaths, blah blah blah and I don’t agree with it. Do I think there are idiots in CODE? Yes I do. Is Veers an idiot ? Yes he most certainly is.

Now before you say “ Gorila, How can you say Veers is an idiot in RL when you don’t believe in making those kind of claims about people?”

Think about this. There are ALL kinds of idiots, loveable ones, endearing ones and annoying ones like Veers.  If you have the ability to laugh at yourself being an idiot can be rather fun at times.
Now tell me how many times have you heard the term “lovable sociopath”? See the difference?

Veers just loves to target DJ Entropy about what a horrible person he thinks DJ is and I know DJ isn’t liked by some ppl but I’m going to tell you something personal. When my wife died 5 months ago DJ was a good friend to me and helped me in ways I won’t go into when my world collapsed. How DJ plays a game is NOT who he is in real life. I know DJ was banned from the game but I don’t know the exact reasons. I find it hard to pass judgment on an incident I have NO info about.

As I have said I have watched Veers for a while now, what I have seen is Veers is a self-aggrandizing greedy loud mouth. He has done NOTHING to help AG in any way. He also claims CODE doesn’t affect him in any way yet he refuses to stop braying and attacking people on both sides. Its Veer’s hypocrisy in action. My advice? Stay away from the guy. If there is any toxicity in AG or EVE its Veers Belvar and we’d be better off without him.

Monday, November 3, 2014

KM Whore?

Code has been using the following image forever now and I felt it was time to correct it. 
Codemonkeys love to taunt Anti-Gankers in local by calling us “Concord KM whores” when using Concord as a gun is a legit game mechanic. I've made a point to try and kill code before concord shows and you can find those kills on my killboard, My problem now is concord does its damnest to whore on my killmails and it pisses me off. Unlike CODE I present you the TRUTH..
I also fixed the image for a few others in the AG community.

I’ve been a fan of RvB since they kicked CODE'S ass all over the tourney this year without firing a single shot. I have to admit I was disappointed to find out RvB decided to follow in CODES footsteps and hold a freighter gank this past weekend. I don’t think it went as they planned as Anti-Ganking showed up and saved freighter after freighter much to RvB’s chagrin. I wasn't able to make the event but I heard ALL about it...
I think someone forgot to fit their cat..

Fly Safe Highsec!

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Permit Tank is Best Tank?

Okay highsec, we've had our fun with the past couple of posts. Now I want to show you how James 315 and CODE like to lie to everyone.
This came across my desk and thought I would share with you. Seems CODE NOW revokes permits for BEING AFK IN STATION? much for “permit tank is best tank.”
I've seen people get ganked for having 10 point type in their permits, I've seen CODE gank permit holders for not responding within 10 seconds in local. Seems like having a permit is USELESS. Wouldnt you agree?
Fly Safe Highsec!

Friday, October 24, 2014

Code Wedding

While cruising The I saw an article about a couple married at EVE Vegas this past weekend. As it wasn’t the couple I expected I dusted off the special Gankerbumping Phone and called in special correspondents Butthurt Miner and Thomas En Chasteaux and put them to work, what they found is truly amazing.

Seems there was a secret wedding at EVE Vegas this year between Loyalanon and DJentropy Ovaert!!! We got  pics!!!!

It was really no surprise to me as I had seen proof of their budding Bromance in the Minerbumping Chat Channel.

If you haven’t heard , Code diplomat DJentropy Ovaert was recently banned by CCP for what we at Gankerbumping believe to be possible bonus room participation and for flossing his cat. Butthurt Miner managed to get the video of DJ flossing his  beloved cat.

I’m told that all of CODE was there for the wedding and that a drunken and obnoxious Veers Belvar crashed the party. James 315 reportedly gave the bride away but we can’t seem to get confirmation on WHO was the actual bride.

Butthurt and Thomas also managed to get ACTUAL footage of James 315 leaving Kino and heading to Vegas. Please note that due to James 315’s butt emitting unusual radiation he now appears as PLAID when he warps. You can read about it clicking HERE. (scroll down)

I’m told that after Veers crashed the party Loyalanon was seen celebrating at a nearby mall by stealing candy from babies and running into Victoria’s Secret and declaring THE CODE ALWAYS WINS!

Fly Safe Highsec!


Wretched Hive

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Uedama Update

As most of you know CODE and Goons have been hitting Uedama pretty hard this week, and of course I’ve been right in the middle of most of it. I won’t lie, Code has killed a large number of AFK freighters passing through, but the AG Fleet has saved several of the NONE AFK freighters CODE has gone after. CODE just wont admit to it and we don’t get “Save Mails”.

When CODE kills an AFK Freighter a lot of the CODE monkeys like to ask me in local what I’m doing in Uedama. Here is video footage of what I’ve been doing to CODE in Uedama the past few days…
(yes, I wear a cowboy hat under my hood IN GAME)

Things got rather interesting when Code FC Loyalanon discovered we had insider intel on his fleet and we discovered we had CODE alts in our fleet. I’m told Loyal was kicking people left and right trying to figure out who we had in his fleet. We did find out who he had in ours though.

Loyal also convo’d me during all of this and informed me that James was about to get on CODE Comms. (My inside source confirmed this fact) I asked Loyal to pass a message to James from me. That message being BITE ME! 

While James 315 was on comms, CODE landed a gank fleet on a CHARON and fail ganked it. I was laughing so hard my insane ankle biting dog attacked me in RL. (don’t ask)

I checked the Charon and they had barely scratched the structure so I ran for my logi to rep it back up but it the Charon made it and jumped before I got back to the gate. Loyal then tried to tell me James was never on comms. Yeah…right.

My insider also got me video of James 315 giving Gank Instructions to Loyal and CODE while he was on comms last night.
Fly safe HighSec

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Call to Anti-Ganking

Sorry for the length between updates…But we’ll hit a couple of topics with this post.

As you may or may not know, CODE is ganking freighters again; they hit Uedama last night with record numbers. But I’ll get to that in a min.

Anti-Ganking responded and I’m happy to report we did save one Obelisk CODE tried to gank. CODE took it down to 25% structure.

We got the Obelisk back to 100% and it got to the gate before CODE could land another gank fleet on it. I think the AFK bastard driving it had no clue what was going on…

I want to give all of AG a heads up.

My inside sources are telling me the past 2 nights of ganking is just the beginning. It seems The Mitanni aka Mittens is pissed with CCP’s announced changes to null and he wants GOONS to burn Highsec and all of EVE. That explains the number of Goons flying with CODE now and hitting Uedama.

My question to Mitten’s would be “ If we burn EVE, then wtf are we gonna play?”

I knew the nullsec bears would be upset when I saw the planned changes. I’m curious to see where and how it goes. Personally I wish CCP would go back to adding content like wormhole lore and forget about balancing every damn thing in game and beating my fav ships to death with a nerf bat.

I noticed on Minerbumping that once again the writers are trying to portray everyone in AG as TOXIC. CODE and James 315 refuse to admit that Anti-Ganking gets CODE victims and they can be angry after how CODE has trolled them. Minerbumping is trying to make Kalynn Shardani look bad with a recent post. More spin as usual. A lot of people don’t know that Kalynn works behind the scenes in AG and doesn’t get the spotlight she deserves. I want to share a mail I got a while back.
SO CODE is fair and balanced like Fox News huh?  Here's another Mail I'd like to share.

For those wondering, I dropped an alt in MB the other night, identified myself and was having a decent convo with some of CODE when I got kicked for no reason. Now remind me how Minerbumping calls AG paranoid and toxic?

Last but not least we managed to get one more video of James 315 undocking in Kino again.

Fly Safe HighSec!

Monday, September 29, 2014

Code always does what?

Last night I dropped an alt into Minerbumping Chat to see what the CodeMonkeys were up to. I was surprised to see CodeMonkey King of Highsec posting links to his twitch channel. You can find it HERE.

I went to my out of game browser and started watching. The channel loaded and he was in the midst of a gank, I was rather amused to see a Nemesis pop out of nowhere and shut the gank down
King had a Cam going on himself and he says and I QUOTE: “Guess the CODE doesn’t always win”
I didn’t see who the Nemesis pilot was, but Job well done.

I dropped his twitch link into the AG channels and set my destination for HEK. I also logged into twitch and begged him not to stop broadcasting ;).

When I landed in HEK fellow AG CodeMonkey Killer Thomas En Chasteaux was already on scene in a ECM Nemesis as well. 
We scoped out Kings next target and waited while watching his live stream.

Here’s what happened next.
Sadly, I believe King had too many things going at once and forgot to pull Concord as Concord whored on mine and Thomas’s Killmail.

But oh well. The Noob in the Retriever continued to mine. Alexander Kaan who is another fine AG CodeMonkey Killer responded and repped the poor retrievers shields back up to full and King of HighSec logged out saying once again on his live stream. “Guess the CODE doesn’t always win”

The following is AG’s response to the incident…

UPDATE: You can watch a recording of the twitch stream HERE
Go to 3:37 for King saying; IT'S GORILA! and his reaction LOL

This next bit I just had to share. Thomas En Chasteaux is also a special correspondent for Gankerbumping and he posted the following story in my comments section. He linked me a photo the next day, I loved it so much I’m reposting it ;)

*James sleeping with baseball bat under bed now*
Following the latest incursion in Kino over the weekend, James 315 - ponzi scheme artist and monastic station hermit - told supporters Monday that he is taking extra safety precautions by now sleeping with a baseball bat under his bed. "We live in a dangerous galaxy, and it's important to be prepared to protect CODE's family jewels, referring to his oddly glowing posterior. "If I hear anybody trying to dock, it's a relief to know that I can just reach under the bed and give them a reason to think twice about ever coming back to Kino. I know Mr. Pickles sleeps a lot more easily now that I've got this piece of lumber by my side", said James as he stroked a stuffed Fedo doll. While James said he hopes to never use the weapon, he admitted he received a scare Sunday night when he tiptoed into the kitchen after hearing noises. After several wild swings and high pitched screaming, James found Jerry Rin crumpled, unconscious and twitching on the floor. It was later learned that Rin, recently unemployed and without a pilot license, had come to gank James' refrigerator. CONCORD was called to remove the Cheetoh dust-covered Rin, and charged him with breaking and entering without a permit, his third offense this week.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

James 315 Publishes his new Book of Tears on TMC

I guess it’s a good thing I've been home more this week and able to update Gankerbumping….

I knew that James 315 had others writing Minerbumping for him and now I understand why. He's now a space lawyer and he published a 16 page BOOK on The today talking about the bans that took place. I’m NOT kidding. There is a 16 page “article”.

You can find the link HERE.

I made a pot of coffee and sat down to the read the thing and the following is what I took from it.
James states the following on the first page.

Before we get started, I'd like to address those who carry a particular attitude when it comes to rule enforcement. They're the people who make comments like, "It's CCP's game, they can do whatever they want. If you don't like it, you can leave." This authoritarian-friendly mindset, I've found, is most common among the very young, the very old, and the very dull.

It’s funny to me he accuses people of having an “authoritarian-friendly mindset” when James is the leader of what I’ve heard many identify as a cult. Let me also point out the numerous times I’ve seen whoever is writing Minerbumping say “maybe EVE isn’t the game for you”. Now that James has gotten a taste of his own medicine he’s crying?

James then goes on to write about what has occurred in the past in EVE Gameplay. There is page after page of him citing previous examples of others doing different nefarious deeds and what was done to the people who did them. It honestly made me think of the kid in the schoolyard who got caught doing something bad, so he cries to the teacher (CCP) about what others did.

There is something I understand that others, especially those who follow James, don’t seem to understand. EVE ONLINE isn’t a board game. The rules can never be set in stone as the game has to grow and change to keep CCP in business. CCP has to respond to changing situations and try to draw new players (money) into the game. What has occurred in the past doesn’t matter. Who got away with what in the past doesn’t matter. For someone who says he wants to create content James doesn’t seem to understand that.

As for what happened in the Bonus Room with Erotica 1, I can see the problems it created for CCP and I’m glad it’s not something I had to deal with. As a company CCP had to deal with saying “play the villain” while on the other hand worrying about public perception. The last thing you want is public opinion to be “EVE? The game where they allow things like getting players on comms to harass and humiliate them? Why would anyone play THAT!?!

It doesn’t matter what really happened in the Bonus room, what matters is PUBLIC PERCEPTION. That’s why I understood what CCP Falcon was trying to say when he posted on the forums. I understand why he isn’t going to come out and draw a clear line in the sand that James and others seem to want. Let me put it like this, EVE could not grow and evolve if its rules were set in stone, the game would become stagnate and die.

Now I know James is trying to scare people in his post and make it seem like CCP could arbitrarily just ban you for no reason.  I’m sure CCP made mistakes when the banns were handed out. No one is perfect.  That’s between CCP and the players and I hope CCP is willing to listen to some of the ppl if they really didn’t step over the line and can offer proof.

All of this goes back to perception. CCP had to do something over the bonus room and the people who still did them. They had to take a stance and they did. Does that stance follow actions CCP has taken in the past? No. Management has changed and so has EVE itself.

 I’ll say this; I’ve never understood the draw of doing “Bonus Rooms”. I’ve listened to the Sokhar recording and I had to make myself listen to the whole thing. I don’t understand the mindset where you would want to get people on comms and make them do stupid shit or humiliate themselves for laughs, then making the recording public. Yes, I enjoy screwing with people IN game but I’ve always felt that getting someone on comms to keep screwing  with them is childish and immature. That’s why I had a hard time listening to the Sokhar recordings.

James also goes on to try and speculate the actions that took place that got people banned. I doubt CCP is ever going to say. If CCP were to give reasons it would be drawing that clear line that James and the others want so badly. CCP Falcon said the following:

What we will do, is continue to use best judgment on a case by case basis to ensure that real life harassment is kept out of the game, and ensure that those who choose to involve themselves in such activities are no longer permitted to be part of our community.

Sounds to me like CCP used their best judgment on an issue they felt was Real Life Harassment. Will we ever know what that issue is? No we won't. Why is it so hard for James and Co. to understand CCP doesn’t want you doing douchebag things to each other outside of the game?? It affects public perception and CCP’s wallet.


Special NOTE. I approached this entire subject from a marketing/advertising stance as that is what I know. I wont even approach the possible legal ramifications CCP may have had to deal with as I am NOT qualified.

This, That.... and Veers.

I was over at Denialbumping and Denial 315 and his merry band of delusional idiot’s (they call themselves writers..HA!)are at it again. 

Denial 315's latest post is about The Anti-Ganking channel in which I am one of the mods. Denial 315 starts the post with saying”It is a troubling place. From within this channel, the perspective of EVE is so twisted as to make the game almost unrecognizable.Denial 315 then goes on to say “The rebellion is continually strangled by paranoia.

This is just more proof that Denial 315 has lost his grip. Um… We’re playing EVE you fool. Paranoia is part of the game play.

I constantly hear Denial 315 and his Code-Monkeys talking about how toxic the Anti-Ganking community is. What Denial 315 and his butt kissers refuse to admit or acknowledge is they create a lot of that hostility and anger and AG is left the deal with it.

Eve is about doing what you want within the rules of the game. If someone wants to log in and mine all day so they can build ships and modules I have no problem with that.  I don’t enjoy mining or building things personally, but I don’t try and judge others for doing it. Someone has to build the ships I lose in a glorious fire.

From day one, my biggest problem with Denial 315 and his butt smoochers has been they go around blowing up people and then with the CODE Smug asshole attitude, they tell those players; PLAY THE GAME HOW WE WANT YOU TO PLAY…. OR LEAVE EVE.

My initial reaction to CODE trying to tell people how to play EVE was FUCK THAT! It continues to be..FUCK THAT!

So I can understand why AG can be toxic and full of angry people. AG does the best it can dealing with CODE’s Victims and we try and help as many as we can.

Maybe if Denial 315’s butt smoocher’s actually tried to help some of their victims and teach them without the  typical smug asshole CODE attitude things could be different.

This next part has to do with an incident in the AG channel the other day.

Some of you may know Veers Belvar and some may not. I’ve sat back and watched Veers make endless comments over at Denialbumping for over a month. At that time I was happy to let him worry the ever living crap out of CODE with his endless inane posts.

Sadly Veers reared his braying head in AG a while back and the other day I got enough of it. Veers is an incursion runner and has done nothing to fight code except for braying loudly at CODE and CCP.

The other day Veers was being his usual negative self and pissing off most of the AG channel. Veers believes CCP should nerf BUMPING. That makes about as much sense to me as the Ganking is Bullying Crowd. Most of you know what I thought of those idiots.

Veers seems to think that Concord should respond to bumping.( Hold on, every time I read that I start laughing so hard I can’t type.)

Can you just imagine the clusterfuck and tidi that would cause at the trade hubs? LMAO.

Sadly Veers wasn’t joking and continued argue and to piss off everyone in AG so I gagged him. He later posted the on Denialbumping:

As far as Gorilla, he was insulted after I outdebated him.

Let’s clear this up shall we? Veers, the only thing that insulted me was your endless negative braying at everyone in the channel. You “outdebated” NO ONE.

I’ll make this simple for you. When I see evidence of you doing something OTHER than run your negative mouth when it comes to helping to fight CODE? Then perhaps I’ll listen to what you have to say.

Fly Safe Highsec.!

Monday, September 22, 2014

Breaking News

Some of you may have never heard of Butthurt Miner but he’s the KING TROLL over at and he’s also a special correspondent for Gankerbumping.

Over the past months of writing Gankerbumping and poking fun at CODE, Butthurt has been instrumental on getting me inside info on James 315 and CODE. What the folks at Minerbumping don’t realize is that Butthurt is also an accomplished master spy

He’s infiltrated CODE headquarters many times and even used James toilet. Butthurt has admitted to me he likes to use the curtains in James' bedroom as TP. I'm scared to think about what else he’s been up to…

I recently received a package from Butthurt with info on JAMES 315 and Code I’d like to share with my readers. I’ve long suspected that James doesn’t actually write his own blog anymore and Butthurt has finally gotten me proof.

The following is footage of James 315’s Blog being written and it’s obviously NOT James 315.

Butthurt also got amazing footage of James 315 ACTUALLY UNDOCKING from Kino. This is a rare event indeed!

They may not appreciate Butthurt Miner over at Minerbumping. But we at Gankerbumping love him.

Thanks for the amazing rare images BM!

Sunday, September 21, 2014

CODE is Recruiting!

I haven’t been able to play as much but I’ve been keeping an eye on the idiots over at Minerbumping. Since the bans went down it’s been business as usual over there…. 110% DENIAL.

I guess James 315 or whoever is phoning his blog in thinks if you don’t talk or write about it, it never happened. I hear CCP is still flying butterfly nets around Kino trying to capture his delusional ass but as he never logs in they haven’t been able to capture and study him yet.

I am happy to see Butthurt Miner is still posting on Minerbumping as hes one of the few to post something called the truth at them.

I had words with Rabe Raptor the other night in local. If you don’t know Rabe, you can find him on my Killboard. Sadly, Concord chose to whore on some of those killmails. Quite frankly I’m getting tired of it and wish they would stop.

Rabe was posting his Blog "" and I was posting Gankerbumping back at him. For fun I clicked on what he was posting and CODE/ Conference Elite is recruiting. Isn't that odd?? Don’t they have enough numbers anymore??

So there is a long drawn out application process over there but I think I can save The Conference Elite some time.

Here’s what CODE needs to fill its ranks back up…

A socially inept individual. Smug/self-important for no reason, or shy unless with fellow Neckbeards. When spoken to, will quickly reveal extremely limited social experience. To a normal person they will be definitively near-autistic.

Visual cues:
1. Fedora.
2. Trenchcoat.
3. Overdressed.
3. Greasy hair
4. Ponytail.
5. Acne at any age.
6. Dyed hair.
7. Shitty beard.
8. Pedostache.
9. Wears all black.
10. Wears all red.
11. Odd eye behavior, similar to low self esteem (avoiding, darting, or over-compensational staring).
12. Hand placement. Instead of pockets, usually leave them at sides or cross them.

You can assume:
- virgin
- furry
- live in their parent's basement
- only watch anime
- only read manga
- inflated, hollow self esteem
- will laugh at things that aren’t very funny
- will NOT understand the Neckbeard concept
- bronie
- hasn’t bathed in days, and if you get close, you can confirm, but if you do they will think you're making a sexual pass at them and excrete more stench.
- willingness to blindly follow a delusional blog writer and kiss his ass hourly.

So if you know any die hard neckbeards, please refer them to Loyalmoron and Rabe.

Fly Safe Highsec!

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

We interrupt..

We interrupt your regular programming for a special announcement...

I logged in tonight and thought it was my Birthday! I don't usually post kills and whatnot but I thought all of AG should see this.
 I was then shown this..

Is it Christmas?
I'm told code went running from Uedama with tails tucked between their legs. HAHAHA! and I missed it. :(

I've also been meaning to post the following, Jennifer En Marland and Lilynndria Satele  have been tear assing around sticking it to Code Bumpers left and right. I proudly present the following Killmail...
Another Bumper down!
Seems Jennifer's Bite is much worse than Chihuahua Soprano's bark!

Code always wins huh?

Thursday, September 11, 2014

I may be out of a job….

If you haven’t heard CCP handed out Bans yesterday and from what I’m hearing CODE was decimated. I was waiting for Minerbumping to make an official statement. I think James 315’s head may have exploded trying to figure out a way to spin this. I expect him to blame Ripard Teg for EVERYTHING.

I want you to understand that what I’m posting isn’t official in anyway. What I’m reporting comes from CODE insiders and reddit posts which I will be linking. I was told that right before yesterday’s DT the bans took effect.

The following appeared on the EVE forums yesterday after DT. (You can click on the images to see them larger)
Here’s the link << click

I find the comments in the Forums to be like FOX/FAUX News. The President makes a statement and for hours people argue over what he said. CCP Falcon made one further comment.
Let me say I love the irony in this.  James was singing CCP Falcons praises not so long ago and declaring him a supporter of the CODE. You can read it HERE. Wonder how much James 315 Loves CCP Falcon NOW? Karma is a real bitch, ain’t she James?

Several posts appeared on reddit, here’s the LINK.

It seems that people who involved themselves in Bonus Rooms were permabanned from EVE. If you’re not familiar with what a BONUS ROOM  is, please click HERE.

I’m hoping that MB will post an official list of who is gone. At this time reports vary. I know people like D400, Jerry Rin, Bob Starseeker, and Fighter Jets Guitar Solo are gone from the game. I was told that DJ was banned, but after contacting DJ, that report proved to be false. (Sorry Kalynn)

I want to make one further statement. I’ve seen some people crying about what CCP has done in the past. I’ve played this game for 7 years and I’ve learned in RL that when new management comes in, new polices take effect. EVE has changed a lot over the years and so has CCP. I support what CCP Falcon said. RL harassment has no place in eve.

Fly Safe Highsec!

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