Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Checking In

I said in my last post I had planned for it to be my LAST post, But as Scott Bacon took it upon himself to steal the Gankerbumping name I’m not very happy as it IS NOT what I'd call a “worthy” successor. You can find Scott's Blog HERE<<Click Me.

Okay ..I’m’s the real link for Scotts Blog.;) CLICK ME

My advice to Scott? Lighten UP. Add some humor. Get creative. Call yourself the Baconator or something. The AG folks are too uptight as it is. I believe most Anti-Gankers go through a LOT of seat cushions as their butts chew up a seat cushion every 15 mins when CODE drops to gank a freighter. Some of AG is a too serious bunch and their proctologists must all get bite marks on their gloved fingers.

Have some fun with the game . I know I have been. Isn’t that what playing a GAME is About? FUN?

I was thrilled as hell last night when Jennifer En Marland and Thomas En Chasteaux showed up at one of our bookmarks and tried to mess us up. That was EPIC guys and my hats off to you. That’s how you play EVE in my honest opinion.

I know some of you are calling me a traitor and yep I've been trolling local hard. But I want everyone to note I keep the Trolling INGAME where it belongs. I still believe how you play a game has nothing to do with who you really are in RL.

With that said, Id like to present some video of an Actual Bot-Aspirant getting ganked by CODE. Please note the Asteroid is OFF CAMERA as the Bot-Aspirant happily burns towards it.. CLICK HERE




  1. o7

    They def need to lighten up a little. I think CODE Agent AC could teach them a thing or two about anatomy.

  2. Even though I don't gank anymore, and my career was short. I still fully support code with my Indy alt... I am a large donator, well there are larger ones, much large, but hey I'm doing my part!

    But in the spirit of the game I have also fought with my main on the AG side... even got a few kills in. And I will happy shoot you Gorila with my main if I get the chance. Not that I fly with the AG group... but if your -10, your ass is fair game pal. ;)

    Then I'll make another donation with my indy... just to keep the scales balanced. ;)

    Glad to see your having a good time G.V.


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