Tuesday, September 16, 2014

We interrupt..

We interrupt your regular programming for a special announcement...

I logged in tonight and thought it was my Birthday! I don't usually post kills and whatnot but I thought all of AG should see this.
 I was then shown this..

Is it Christmas?
I'm told code went running from Uedama with tails tucked between their legs. HAHAHA! and I missed it. :(

I've also been meaning to post the following, Jennifer En Marland and Lilynndria Satele  have been tear assing around sticking it to Code Bumpers left and right. I proudly present the following Killmail...
Another Bumper down!
Seems Jennifer's Bite is much worse than Chihuahua Soprano's bark!

Code always wins huh?


  1. I can't wait to see loyal 'o' morons hissy fit over this. He is always so jealous of AG and constantly rages over anything they do so this will send him into an apocalypse of whining and crying LOL

    Well done AG, you are the Heroes of Eve and Loved by everyone. You are a great example of Courage, Honesty and true Integrity :)

    Whereas code are hated and despised and prove more and more what total cowards they are :-)

  2. Well good job, very well done. Do you have voice records of CODE.s Teamspeak while you stopped the ganks? Would be interesting to hear. Anyway, keep it up Gorila...good job

    Fly safe o/
    Poppi Starfox

  3. https://zkillboard.com/ranks/recent/killers/

    still number 1 pvper in eve :D



    Send me more isk please ;)

    1. Effecency below 45% where the others are at 99.8%
      shooting a alot of non armed targets does not make you PvP. With that effecency this is far (far far) away from "elite" PvP.
      killboard does not show a good pilot, but one who tries to boast hard and FAILS!

    2. i forgot: and a lot of those "kills" are in combo with his own alts. thats so typical like those wannabe tough guys in BF2-3-4.

    3. Funny Wolf aka loonmoron doesn't mention he then paid marmite and a merc group to fight Jenn - such is his cowardice and fear, he or code can't fight their own battles against even one of AG's Elite PVP Players LOL

    4. It should be noted that when they try to pvp on their own...well, everyone knows what happened at AT-2014. In their position, they should hire mercs to fight for them since they cannot do it themselves.

  4. LMAO Wolf aka Loonymoron, you can't PVP which is why you shoot miners and to even do that you need your 2 alts LOL Only label you have is BIGGEST COWARD ON EVE and you are also number 1 for ship LOSSES which makes you the NUMBER 1 LOSER ON EVE - LOL

    It is a shame but as hard as you try with all your weeping, trolling and raging, no-one takes you seriously and instead they heap praise on the HEROES OF AG!

  5. Jennifer En Marland - LEGEND; Sarah Flynt - LEGEND; Paulus Titans - LEGEND; Gorila Vengaza - LEGEND

    Loyalomoron - multiboxing COWARD

    Even some of the newer AG players could even take loyal on a 1V1, I put him at the level of a 3 month player when it comes to PVP but he knows that and that is why he spends all day raging and trying to prove something.

    Put him against Jenn or any of the above and he would be humiliated and that is why he is so scared of them :)

    It is laughable because he can gank forever but until he gets out there and goes 1V1 versus some of the best then he is just a lame ganker and will always be known as that.

    So in summary, he wasted years being ganker instead of putting effort into becoming a great PVP player like all those AG Legends above and even when he was handed chance to prove something at the Alliance Tournament, then ran scared so now he has no credibility at all and like code he is the laughing stock of Eve.

  6. Turns out there isn't one mention about this over on minerbumping.com. I corrected that deficiency in their website content. So you can say that I created content for CODEdot to "enjoy"......

  7. Did DJentropie Ovaert mention holidays?
    His last actions in EvE where at 10.9.2014 both in the forums and the last kills.
    Late ban-hammer? Or just on holidays?

  8. You forgot the mom's basement and the cheetos dust everywhere !

    This blog deserve more quality, there is too much hate and not enough giggles...

  9. Just Got OutOfJail - I know you are stupid cos you are code but pointing out you read MB and made your comment here by accident. Is OK now, I corrected your mistake :)


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